Satnam Waheguru - The True Name

by Manika Kaur

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Bandhanaa 11:06
Maagnaa 09:22
Waheguru 08:23


Satnam Waheguru is Manika Kaur's debut album, a graceful offering of beautifully delivered Mantra and Kirtan - devotional chants and hymns relaying messages of love, peace and truth.

With a typical indian flair, wunderfully sung by Manika Kaur and masterly accompanied by a vast range of instruments, the mantras and shabads come across flowing, catchy and harmoniously, mainly carried by a refined mix of classical indian instruments and western instrumentation. This makes Satnam Waheguru by Manika Kaur a unique mantra album in the genre of Kundalini Yoga which is gently merging classical indian music elements with western music styles – making it great fun to listen to and also perfectly suitable for Yoga, gentle movements, meditation and much more.

The energy and devotion of the music, as well as the deeper meaning of each of the mantras and shabads on Satnam Waheguru can best be described as follows:

Mangana means Begging: to beg for God's name (Naam) is noble, beg humbly and wholeheartedly everyday for permission to pray - this is the first step to Peace Prayer.

Waheguru means The light in the darkness! Sometimes going through difficulties, facing cruelty and experiencing darkness is the greatest gift because that experience brings you to your knees in prayer and will guide you towards your inner Light.

Satnam Waheguru means The true name. This track started as a lullaby but God made it so much more, it is the core of your inner, truthful identity.

Bandhanaa means Humble request. Humbleness is not a friend of the ego, it is the one power that lets you grow beyond ego and live your inner Self.

Raam Raam Bol means Recite the name Raam Raam! There are many names for God, whatever your faith may be, we are all the same - just recite with a pure heart, God is One and we are all His children.

Milho piaray jeaa means Meet with me my dear beloved! God resides within all of us, place your head only at the feet of the Almighty, people are not Gods, learn from those who have knowledge but worship only God.

Kaur was an unlikely recording artist, though a talented, life-long singer. With no formal training but decades of connection to the complex and beautiful traditions of kirtan, Sikh praise music, Kaur never thought of herself as a vocalist or songwriter. Yet as she sat in prayer in her home’s prayer room as an adult, she often found melodies and musical ideas coming to her unbidden. Eventually, Kaur found herself urged and encouraged to record. The dream materialized into a debut album, and a temple in her home city of Dubai.

Kaur tells us,

“When I discovered kirtan as a girl, it was a different feeling from any other music I had known. Kirtan brings a sense of peace. You’re singing the most beautiful love letters to God. It’s so deep and beautiful.”
Kaur’s depth of devotion is reflected in her ongoing commitment to use all proceeds from her music to further charitable causes. This album will support her Foundation, "Kirtan For Causes", children’s education initiative.


released April 2, 2014

Lead & Backing Vocals and Melodies by Manika Kaur
Music Composed, Produced and Mixed by Sukhbir Singh


all rights reserved



Manika Kaur London, UK

Kirtan artist and philanthropist Manika Kaur donates 100 percent of her proceeds to charity, though her foundation ‘Kirtan For Causes’. Kirtan is Sacred Sikh music, ‘Love Poems to God’.
The influence of her music, poetry and activism has been felt around the world, and she continues to be one of the truly seminal artists connecting the first and third worlds.
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